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Following lockdown, most of us were left without access to any sort of beauty treatment for months on end. To some, that may not seem like a big deal but looking after ourselves is not only a form of self-care, it's also how some of us choose to treat ourselves and not being able to top up our treatments only aided the feeling of losing control in an already devastating situation. Thankfully beauty is back in business but of course, not everyone can nor wants to go out for their treatments which is where Revarnish London comes in. Getting pampered without having to leave your home? Count me in! 

Founded by Roxanne Campbell (an incredibly talented, award-winning Celebrity Manicurist & all-round sweetheart) Revarnish London is a Mobile Nail Service that allows you to enjoy a variety of nail treatments. The Manicurist provides all of the equipment for whichever service you've booked even down to fresh towels so you really don't have to do anything except sit back and relax! 

For such high-quality, you'd probably expect a hefty price tag but amazingly Revarnish London treatments are actually very affordable. They mainly cover all areas in London however services in surrounding areas are still available with an extra fee which varies depending on your location. Another cool thing to consider if you're thinking about booking is you can have simultaneous nail services so if you fancied a Manicure & Pedicure you could have two Manicurists complete your treatments meaning you'd be done in one hour instead of two! 

revarnish london blog review

I was lucky enough to have Roxanne do my nails a couple of years ago and something that particularly stood out to me was her level of hygiene - if you follow me on Instagram you'll already know I'm a clean freak so when it comes to beauty treatments I'm extra cautious but Revarnish London is consistent with her practises and is just as luxurious as going out to the salon - perhaps even more so! Anything that doesn't come in sealed packaging is sterilized in an autoclave machine - we love to see it! 

You have the option of Hand, Feet and Simultaneous treatments with either one of Roxanne's own cruelty-free Nail Lacquers which are super opaque and shiny or gel polish. There are also Add On Services which include: Gel Polish Removal, French Finish, Accent & Full Nail Art, Treatment for Damaged Nails and an Aromatherapy Oil Massage for your hands or feet. Their most popular treatment is The Ultimate Luxury Manicure & Pedicure and I can see why - it sounds like heaven! It includes having your Nails Shaped, Cuticle Work, Exfoliation, Paraffin Wax, Aromatherapy Massage and Gel Polish. How amazing would it be to receive this option as a gift? *proceeds to leave nail menu on husband's side of the bed inconspicuously*

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I chose to have the Gel Manicure* which was a lovely treat. Once everything was promptly set up the Manicurist began shaping my nails, we decided to keep my length and round the corners for a chic look which I think is super flattering on everyone. She then moved on to softening my cuticles and neatened them into place which instantly made my nails look fresher. The little things make such a difference! To finish the nail prep she gently buffed over my nails to make sure they were smooth and ridge-free. A base coat was applied and whilst it was drying under the lamp I chose my colour. I was drawn towards the pastels and in the end, we both thought the blue would look extra cute. The Manicurist was so accurate in applying the Gel Polish (my shaky hands could never!) and once both coats were dry she sealed it with a final base coat which made my nails look super shiny. My nails were finished with a hydrating cuticle oil and then she started the hand massage which was absolutely lush. This wasn't a flimsy one either, it was a good firm pressure - seriously, who doesn't love a massage?

revarnish london gel manicure blog review

It was such a luxurious and relaxing experience having my nails done at home during these awkward times and now that I've tried it and loved the result I'll definitely be making it a regular treat for myself. Especially since I already do the majority of my beauty jobs at home, doing my own nails isn't something I'm good at or particularly enjoy so being able to have it done professionally in my own space saves me so much time and effort! 

I've shared a video of my experience on my Instagram (@maiyabellexo) so if you want to see it in action be sure to have a look! Revarnish London is currently running a discount of 20% off all treatments until December 2020 so what better time to try it for yourself?

Have you started having beauty treatments at home?



This post contains a gifted treatment but all opinions are my own. Read my full disclaimer here.