my dermalogica must haves for lockdown skin
I've been a part of the Dermalogica Skinfluencer programme for nearly 2 years now and it's honestly been such a game-changer for my skin. I've always had a big interest in Dermalogica but it wasn't available to me until I started college and had the chance to try some of their best sellers including their Special Cleansing Gel and Multi-Active Toner which I still love now! I know every country has a different lockdown status and it's constantly changing in the UK but the one thing that we can all relate to is the stress Covid has inflicted on our skin. Some people are stuck indoors all day leaving their skin dehydrated and lacklustre while others have the addition of travelling with environmental stressors and pollution causing further damage. Also not forgetting the amazing key/essential workers who are having to wear masks all day. All of these circumstances can affect your skin but luckily Dermalogica products are gentle, effective & specifically formulated for individual concerns and today I'm sharing six offerings that have particularly helped me over the last few months.

PreCleanse* | You guys will already know I'm an advocate of double cleansing. It doesn't matter what you've been getting up to, all of the makeup, SPF and grime from the day have to come off before you go to sleep. Oil-based cleansers are perfect for this step and I particularly love this one as it transforms from a light silky oil to milk meaning it doesn't feel heavy or cloying on the skin. It's formulated with Apricot Oil, Borage Seed and Vitamin E, leaving your skin soft, hydrated and clean without being stripped. I'll generally take 2-3 pumps, massage it around to loosen my makeup, add a splash of water to emulsify and then go in with a hot flannel and follow with my second cleanser. Lush.

Daily Resurfacer* | My skin needs regular exfoliation and although I still use the Daily Microfoliant* once a week for a manual scrub, acid pads are usual my go-to! There are 35 treatments in the tin, all individually wrapped to keep them nicely saturated. Twice a week I'll take a pad and buff it over my face after cleansing and it instantly reveals luminous healthy skin. Loaded with both Alpha and Beta Hydroxy Acids they help to slough away dead skin, unclog pores and reduce the look of fine lines and premature ageing! They really are a fab product to incorporate into your routine and are perfect to step up your acid game! 

UltraCalming Barrier Defense Booster* | This Oat Oil based concentration has saved my skin countless times from food reactions, stress, blemish flare-ups and even dermaplaning redness. You can either apply it alone or mix it with your favourite moisturiser and within a couple of hours, any irritation/sensitivity is dramatically reduced. If you're one of the bunch having to wear a mask for long periods of time I would highly recommend investing in this booster. It's also super hydrating and gives you a nice, plump base for under makeup.

UltraCalming Redness Relief Essence* | I've suffered from mild rosacea ever since I was a child (I totally blame my Irish grandad), it's always been touch/heat reactive and the first sign it doesn't like something is an instant juicy red flush - nice! As I've gotten older I've been able to manage it better but every now and then my face will go red and blotchy but this product has been a real lifesaver! It has a lotion-essence consistency which I love and it's brilliant for soothing red patches and strengthing the skin's barrier. It's also great for dehydrated skins as it adds an extra layer of hydration and protection against aggressors. 

Prisma Protect SPF 30* | I'll admit I don't always remember to apply SPF daily (mainly as I'm indoors most of the time) but I'm making a conscious effort to apply it regardless. This formula is light-activated which helps boost the skin's luminosity and provides broad-spectrum protection against UVA and UVB rays. It has a hydrating yet lightweight consistency that doesn't sit on the skin or make you feel greasy which I'm sure like me, you can't stand. I also reach for this over others because it sits beautifully under makeup and works as an illuminating primer on days I'm in a rush! We love a multi-use product!

Age Smart Biolumin C Serum* | Along with sun protection, Vitamin C is one of the most important steps in your morning routine. It aids with luminosity, pigmentation, collagen production and is key to fighting environmental stressors including free-radical damage & pollution. The advanced bio-technology fuses ultra-stable Vitamin C and Palmitoyl Tripeptide-5, helping to dramatically reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It's super light, has no grit unlike a lot of other Vitamin C products and has no scent making it a good option for those with sensitive skin. A few drops of this with some SPF will have you glowing in no time!

Have you tried any products from Dermalogica? 


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