five apps every content creator needs
Bloggers, content creators, influencers, whatever you want to call us, we're (mostly) a hard-working bunch and we spend a lot of time trying to put out the best content we possibly can. It's a challenging yet extremely rewarding job but it can be hard to create exactly what you want if you don't have the correct resources to hand. Whether that includes the basics like a good platform to engage with your readers/followers, or maybe you're looking for a site to help redesign your brand. Blogging is a never-ending process and there are always things that need ironing out so today I'm sharing my five must-have apps that should be in everyone's essentials!

Adobe Lightroom CC | Photos are a key part in creating amazing content and when I discovered this app my whole photography game changed. I'm a massive perfectionist but a lot of other photo apps I've used had really awkward settings that weren't easy to navigate but Lightroom is super straightforward and keeps my images very close to the original - just a bit more polished! I do all my basic editing on here which usually consists of cropping the image, adjusting the brightness and turning up the sharpness to make everything crisp. Usually, once I've done all of that my photos are ready to add to my blog post or share on Instagram. I can't recommend it enough! Some people use presets to keep a colour scheme going which can look amazing, I've made a couple in the past but I just prefer to edit each photo individually.

Canva | I've used the Canva website on and off for a couple of years but in 2019 I discovered that they have an app and it's honestly such a life-saver! This is where I go for all my illustration needs. They have templates for so many things, blog headers, YouTube thumbnails, Facebook posts, if it's social media-related, you name it, it'll be on there! I mainly use the app to edit my Instagram highlight covers, they're pretty simple but it keeps everything nice and uniform. I also used Canva to update my media kit as my old one wasn't very exciting and they had so many amazing free templates to choose from! I'm so so happy with my new one - also, if you don't have a media kit already, what are you waiting for? 

Unfold | I love creating pretty Instagram stories to promote my blog posts and Unfold is such a great one to use if you want to add a more editorial vibe to your page. You can add multiple photos to a story and a little caption, making the finished look much more professional and chic - and very monochrome if that's your thing! You get a basic set of templates for free and then you have the more intricate, limited-edition sets which start at just 99p! 

Preview | I'm pretty sure most people have this app or something similar but if you don't, Preview is an Instagram grid planner where you can add and rearrange your photos to test what kind of layout you want. I know 'themes' are a bit of a controversial topic amongst bloggers but I personally find that having a cohesive feed definitely looks more professional and is more aesthetically pleasing to your audience. I believe you can also schedule posts on Preview but I don't use that feature - I'm not that organised.

Shopstyle Collective | The final app I wanted to mention is all to do with affiliate links. Now I don't make a lot of money from affiliate links nor do I use them everywhere, however, I think it is a great way to help your audience. So many times I've watched a content creator share a product or item of clothing on their social media that I really love but can't find because there's no link to where it's from. That being said I want to stress you really don't make that much - unless you're someone like Caroline Hirons with a massive reader count who always buy your recommendations. In the time I've used them I've made a whopping £6 #ballin! The main place I insert affiliate links is in the widget at the end of my blog posts as it gives people the option to go straight through to purchase something I've featured if they're interested. Two birds. 

I really hope you found this post helpful and be sure to let me know which apps you can't be without!