The Body Shop have upped their game recently and it's really starting to show in their latest releases. I made a trip to the Bromley store to have a mooch and to see if the new products were worth being purchased. Obviously, I have no will power, so I picked up 3 new bits. I haven't tested them all yet, so today's post is more of a first impressions rather than a review, I hope you enjoy!

Pinita Colada Shower Gel - £5 - 250ml
I managed to get this for free by using one of my £5 vouchers that I collected with my TBS membership card, (which I highly recommend getting by the way). 
This is their Summer scent for 2016 and I am head over heels for it. This scent takes me back to Turkey, sipping cocktails on the beach. It's fruity, a bit zesty and insanely delicious. If you like anything pineapple or coconut, you will probably die when you smell this. The texture looks nice and creamy too, so I'm sure this will be used up quickly... I think I need to get some back-ups.

Instaglow CC Cream - Peachy Glow - £14 - 25ml
I have very big hopes for this product. It comes in two other shades, bright glow for fair skin and warm glow for deeper skin. I'm very pleased to see that they catered for all skin tones. I went for the peachy glow because it sounded the most fitting for my needs. It claims to correct skin tone, illuminate, moisturise and minimise the appearance of pores. It comes out a peachy coloured cream that blends nicely and leaves a subtle sheen to the skin. I will give it some thorough testing and let you know how I get on. If you'd like a full review, let me know!

Skin Defence Multi Protection Essence SPF 50 - £16 - 40ml
I tend to get my SPF from my moisturisers or makeup, so when I saw they had made a separate SPF, I got very excited. This has a beautiful thin, light, moisturiser like consistency which absorbs quickly. It smells really nice and fresh and doubles as a moisturiser. I have used this under makeup and alone and it works perfectly for both. Alcohol denat is very prominent in this cream, personally I don't mind it, but I know some of you will. If you've been looking for a sun cream for your face that doesn't feel heavy or greasy, check this one out! 
Always remember to double cleanse when using SPF!

Thank you for reading!