For a while I was wondering why my skin wasn't looking as plump and radiant as normal, and then I realised it was because I hadn't used a facial oil for weeks! I was so caught up in using creams and overnight masks which do work nicely, but nothing beats good old grease. This oil from Boots is my current obsession, if you need hydration, moisture and glow, then read on. I hope you enjoy.

The oil comes in frosted glass bottle with a pipette. Nice simple packaging and good size for travel. 
Price - £9.99 for 25ml
Texture - Thin oil
Finish - Soft, radiant, glowing skin

What they say
This aromatic oil melts into lacklustre skin to lock in moisture for 8 hours while softening, conditioning and helping to restore its natural glow.

Key ingredients
Sweet Almond Oil - Moisturising and rich in essential fattys acids
Rosehip - Antioxidansts fight against free radicals
Lemon Peel Oil - Brightens skin

What is it
This is a thin but very moisturising facial oil that leaves the skin nourished, hydrated and perky. The texture absorbs beautifully but still leaves a barrier of moisture on the skin. It has a gorgeous rosehip scent. This oil also works great for facial massage. Suitable for all skin types. 

How I use it
I massage 2-3 drops into the skin whilst really taking time to drain down the neck, jaw and forehead. You can apply this AM or PM, I love it for both. The scent is very relaxing and it makes using the oil a lovely experience. It works nicely under makeup if you wait 10 minutes before applying. A little goes a long way with this oil so combination/oily skins should be careful with their dispensing. This makes my skin feel super soft and plump and it really makes a difference when your skin is dull and lifeless. 

- Affordable
- Good value for money
- Nice scent
- 100% organic 
- Works straight away
- Gives glow and moisture
- Convenient packaging

- None!

My skin has gone back to it's healthy, glowy self after using oil again and I thank this product for that. If you've been neglecting your skin and you need a 'pick me up' this will be your new bff. 

Thank you for reading!