I'm very quickly becoming an Estee Lauder junkie, but hey, I'm not complaining. I started to see snippets of the limited edition Bronze Goddess collection on Instagram, and just fell in love. There's a fair few bits in this range, but the one product I knew I had to have was the face palette... It's just too beautiful

Can we just take a moment to appreciate the beauty of this palette. Like, oh my God!
The powders come in a gold, sleek rectangle case which just screams luxury. The outer packaging is a gorgeous blurred animal print box. 
Ok for travel.
Price - £40 for 11.5g

What they say
Illuminate. Contour. Blush. Radiant, sun-kissed color for face, cheeks and eyes. Use each shade on its own to sculpt and define, or blend shades together for a natural-looking, all-over glow. Let the sun worship you.


What is it
This is a beautiful palette containing everything you need to add luminosity, colour and dimension to your face. You get a decent amount of each product. This is perfect for short get aways or long holidays where you don't want to wear a tonne of makeup, but you still want to enhance your Summer glow. Suitable for all skin types.

Creamy texture
Strong pigment
Beige with pink/peachy undertones
Finely milled shimmer
Great for fair/light medium skin tones.

Medium rosy pink with peachy undertones
Creamy Texture 
Strong pigment
Satin finish
Great for fair/light/medium skin tones

Medium warm bronze with orange undertones
Creamy Texture
Strong pigment
Satin finish
This will work best as a bronzer/eyeshadow on fair/light skin rather than a contour shade

I'm very impressed with the quality of the powders, they all swatch and apply to the skin smoothly with no fall out. If you're looking for matte products then this isn't the palette for you as all of these powders leave a gorgeous sheen to the skin. The pigmentation is beautiful and intense which makes it easy to dial up or tone down your look. 

- Smooth formula
Good colour pay off
- Beautiful packaging
- Convenient for travel
- Decently priced
- High quality

- Estee Lauder definitely need to make a darker version of this palette for deeper skin tones!

While they're available, I would highly recommend picking up this palette before the end of Summer. If you missed out on the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Edit like I did, maybe this can be your alternative? Either way, it'd be a crime not to buy this palette! Thank you so much for reading.