I went to Bromley the other day and of course paid a visit to one of my favourite shops, The Body Shop. I always go straight to the skincare section but in the corner I could see a candle area. Hurrah. I love candles, but all the ones I've tried before from other brands, i.e. Yankee Candle gave me migraines and were just too over powering, even the soft scents. I don't think the candles are new, but they're new to me, and I'm so excited to have found an affordable, good smelling range of candles! 

The candles comes is pretty box with a yellow, burnt orange design of a vanilla flower? Whatever it is, it's gorgeous. 
Price - £10 for 200g
Scent - Vanilla and Tonka Bean

What they say
Vanilla was used by the ancient Aztecs to flavour their royal drink - a glorious mixture of vanilla, cocoa beans and honey. Inspired by this divine concoction, we've blended natural vanilla with notes of spicy tonka bean and a dash of calming geranium essential oil, creating the perfect recipe for a troubled mind. The natural goodness of the great outdoors, indoors.

Key ingredients
Vanilla - Sweet and soft
Honey - Soothing creamy scent
Tonka Bean - Slightly spicy/warm vanilla scent
Geranium Essential Oil - Slight rose note

What is it
This is a beautiful candle that gives off a subtle, calming warm scent with a vanilla and honey base and hints of spicy tonka bean. It burns nicely, and it doesn't take long to fill the room with the scent, I want to stress that this is not a typical sweet vanilla candle. It is very subtle and not over powering in any way.

It is paraffin free and the wick is unbleached cotton. 

- Affordable price for size of candle
- Sweet, almost creamy but subtle scent
- Burns nicely
- Creates a soothing and calming atmosphere

- None

I love this candle so much, I've been burning it since I bought it and it has made my bedroom smell and feel amazing. I want to get the Sandalwood and Ginger one next which is even more amazing! If you love candles check out The Body Shop range.
Thank you for reading.