This is another Caroline Hirons influenced purchase. I was eyeing this up for ages but kept forgetting to pick it up. Last week I was in Boots and it was on offer... obviously I bought it. I have tested it out and wanted to give my review and talk a bit more about the product. 

It comes in a pink box, that also contains a muslin cloth, which I completely forgot to photograph, sorry. It was cheap quality anyway, I would not use it. The cleanser would be good for travel.
Price - £10.99 for 100ml
Texture - Soft, cream
Finish - Clean, smooth, glowing skin

What they say
Who needs a facial when you can stay at home and enjoy The Ultimelt from Soap and Glory? It's super concentrated, smoothing, revitalising and deep cleansing, like a detox spa fro your skin.

Key ingredients
Pro vitamin B5 - Keeps skin soft, smooth and healthy
Sweet Almond Oil - Anti- inflammatory 
Lavender Oil - Anti septic 

What is it
This a beautiful soothing, creamy hot cloth cleanser that brightens and cleans the skin whilst leaving it glowy and gorgeous. It is packed with essential oils that moisturise and hydrate the skin. It smells like lavender to me, which I don't mind too much. Suitable for most skin types. 

How I use it
I take a grape sized amount as recommended, for my whole face and neck. Massage it onto bare dry skin and take it off with a hot flannel. You can use this AM or PM, it probably would remove makeup nicely, but I prefer it as a 'skin cleanser'. Each time I use it my skin looks healthier and feels softer. 

- Soft, creamy texture
- Moisturising and hydrating
- Affordable
- Nice toothpaste type tube
- Contains gorgeous essential oils
- Gives skin a very clear appearance 

- Essential oils (lavender) can irritate sensitive skins

I am so happy I tried this cleanser, it's a good solid cleanser for smoothing, moisturising and waking up dull skin. It's not expensive and most skin types will suit it, just be careful if you have allergies or sensitivities to essential oils. If you have cleanser recommendations please tell me on here or Instagram please. Thank you so much for reading!