I picked this up around my birthday after the Lush assistant persuaded me to try the yellow pot of goodness. It's a face and body cleanser and I have been testing it out for a couple of weeks now. I had never heard any hype around it and I can't understand why. I hope this review helps explain what it's like and persuades you to try it! 

It comes in the typical Lush black pot which is part of the 5 empty pot and tube 'system'. This 100g pot is nice hand size and would be good for travel. 
Price - £6.75 for 100g or £16.88 for 250g
Texture - Gritty soft cleanser
Finish - Bright, radiant soft skin

What they say
This face and body cleanser is a gentle treat for the skin, leaving you soft to the touch with a buttery popcorn fragrance.

Key ingredients
Maize Flour - Gently exfoliates
Cinnamon Powder - Stimulating
Polenta - Full on vitamins and minerals

What is it
This is a gorgeous exfoliating cleanser that buffs and brightens the skin, making it radiant and polished. It smells just like the Lush Popcorn Lip Scrub, so quite sweet and popcorn-y. Suitable for all skin types.

(paste stage)

How I use it
I take a 10p sized blob for my whole face. You add a little water to create a paste, which I quite like, it's a nice change to my usual balm and gel cleansers. I apply it to bare dry skin and massage it all over. This is not a makeup remover. It has a gritty texture, nothing harsh or chunky, and it exfoliates the skin and makes the skin super soft. 

- Smells amazing
- Feels quite smooth on the skin
- Not abrasive
- Skin looks bright and polished
- Skin is left feeling soft

- None

This would be a great addition to anyone's skincare routine. It's a more fun way to cleanse and you get amazing results. It's not harsh and is a great way to exfoliate without using scrubs, or if you don't like acid toning. The skin tone looks and feels even and feels clean without being stripped. The 100g size will last a while too, if you use it on rotation with other cleansers. I highly recommend this and will definitely re-purchase it! I hope this has been helpful! Thank you for reading.