This is going to be a quick chat about my experience and advice for those who are searching for their dream dress. 
I found my dream wedding dress the day after my birthday! Which was almost like an extra present, the best present ever! I will give you the tips that worked for me and hopefully can help you. 

Tip 1 - Do Your Research
Look at Bridal shops near you, find designers that create styles you like, figure out what shape you want/think will be flattering. Doing homework can be so helpful, take images of dresses you like when you go to try them on. 

Tip 2 - Budget
For this all I'll say is try and be realistic about the cost of the dress. If you have a budget try to stick to it, however if you find the dress, which is a bit over budget maybe you can cut back on other things in the wedding. 

Tip 3 - Style / Trial & Error
You may want that OTT princess dress, but is it really you? Does it actually flatter your shape? Try and figure out what looks best on you. Also, think about your venue/s. A traditional dress with a long train may look amazing in a church, but will it work at the reception when you're trying to dance? If your wedding is outdoors or on a beach, something flowy will naturally work greatly. Ultimately though, if the dress is right for you, it's right for your wedding. 

Tip 4 - Too Many Opinions
When you go dress hunting, think carefully about who you take. I took my best friend and mom. It may look fun to bring 7,8,9 people but all those opinions will start to annoy you. Everyone's taste is different, and if you come out in your dream dress and one person doesn't like it, it can be very discouraging. Bring the closest people to you, whose opinions really matter. Plus there's more space to go around the shop! 

Tip 5 - Be You
It's your day, your dress and your moment. Don't choose something just to please other people. Take opinions into consideration, but go with your heart. If you love the mermaid style, but your friends don't they can deal with it, or you want a princess dress and your mom thinks it's too much, oh well. Your wedding is a showcase of your style as a couple and it's the one day where you can have your cake and eat it! Another little tip is when you find the dress that gives you that twinkle in your eye, don't change your mind. You might see a dress after in a picture that's completely different, and then you start doubting your dress. Stay true to your decision and you will look beautiful!

These tips aren't new to the dress world, but after my experience I know these tips are the main things to keep in mind. 
Congratulations to those who are getting married and enjoy this magical time! I am!