I finally got my hands on a bottle of Serozinc as my local Boots is starting to stock it. The quest is over and now I get to see what everyone is going on about! It's not something that needs a long trial period, so almost a week after purchasing it, I'm bringing you the review.

It's a standard bottle in the obvious bright blue. Good size if the only toner when travelling. 
Price - £8.50 for 150ml
Texture - Fine mist
Finish - Toned, soothed skin

What they say
Specifically designed to target key signs of oily, blemish prone skin. Skin looks and feels less shiny and greasy. Skin looks mattified.

Key ingredients
Zinc sulfate - Reduces inflammation.

What is it
Serozinc is spray toner that soothes, hydrates and prepares the skin for serums and moisturisers. It's most beneficial after acid toning, because it will settle the pH of the skin. It will also kill bacteria and can be applied over makeup. Zinc sulfate is great for reducing inflammation which is good for acne. It says it's for oily prone skin but anyone can use it. It is good for refreshing the skin if you get a bit oily through out the day.

- Soothes and balances
- Prepares skin for serums, moisturisers
- 3 ingredients
- No scent

- None

This is a great product for anyone to have. It's not something that will completely change your skin, but it is a good first step to adding moisture and prepping the skin. If you can't get your hands on it, La Roche Posay Thermal Spring Water is a good alternative. Thank you for reading.