Of course after I post about my favourite body butters, I find one even better! After seeing Caroline Hirons love it, I was 99% sure I'd love it. I've tried it and it's amazing so I wanted to get a review up quickly so you can test it for yourself. 

Just look at this gorgeous mint green tub! It's just one of those products that shouts out to me. 
Price - £5 for 200ml
Texture - Creamy, rich butter
Finish - Soothed, soft gorgeous skin

What they say
Pamper your skin with the luxurious Hawaiian Tropic After Sun Body Butter. Intensively hydrating with 12 house moisturisation. Ultra rich moisturisers leave skin feeling silky soft with an exotic coconut scent.

Key ingredients
Coconut oil - Skin softening
Shea Butter - Moisturising 
Avocado oil - Rich in antioxidants

What is it
This is a beautiful creamy, buttery body butter than softens and nourishes the skin. It's meant as an after sun treatment so it's very soothing. If you like the original Hawaiian Tropic scent and coconut scents, this is the perfect combo. It smells incredible, it instantly makes me feel summer ready. I have been itching like made recently and this has soothed it a lot, and stopped me scratching.

- Full of amazing ingredients
- Smells incredible
- Buttery texture that absorbs

- None

This is body heaven in a jar. It's the perfect summer body butter, especially if you need something soothing because of sun burn or itching. It has the most amazing scent that I'm sure 90% will love.  For £5 this feels so luxurious and I will always have a tub in my collection. Thank you for reading.