It's pretty obvious by now I'm obsessed with The Body Shop and Vitamin C, so this product is a match made in heaven for me. I went into TBS on the day it launched (how coincidental) and saw the big orange signs saying new Vitamin C range, and it was mine. It has been featured on the blog but I wanted to post a full review. I also bought the new Instant Glow Enhancer, so if you'd like to see a review let me know on here or Instagram. Onto the review.

I love that it comes in an orange jar because firstly it's my favourite colour and secondly its so uplifting and colourful. It's not heavy and is nice and sturdy. Good for travel.
Price - £16 for 50ml
Texture - Soft gel to cream 
Finish - Glowing, refreshed skin

What they say
Say goodbye to dull, grumpy, fatigued looking skin with our Vitamin C Glow Boosting Moisturiser. 

Key ingredients
Camu camu berry - Exceptionally high in antioxidants

What is it
This is a beautiful moisturiser that does everything. It hydrates, adds radiance, smoothes and softens. It has a invigorating citrus/orange scent that wakes me up every morning. The gel to cream texture helps it glide over the skin leaving it so soft. It's a great base under makeup. 

How I use it
On mornings I need more radiance under makeup or bare faced, after applying a serum, I take a small amount (20p) size for all over the face and down onto the neck. It absorbs quickly and always has a noticeable difference. 

- Beautiful citrus scent
- Light gel texture
- Hydrates and moisturises

- None

This is a great new moisturiser, perfect for those who need to add radiance and moisture. Or for people who have dull, tired looking skin, this will definitely perk it up. I would say its a mid priced product, worth every penny to me. Test it in store first, incase you're intolerant to Vitamin C. Thank you so much for reading.