I have been using this for just over a month and it has become my go to for basic, simple moisturising. I tend to use it in the night time when I don't want heavy products like face oils. It should get more recognition as a great moisturiser that suits all skin types. The review.

I love the packaging. It's a hand size clear tub, with a pretty purple edge. It also has the 'Kate Somerville' dispenser where you push down and it comes out of the middle.
Price - £24.99 for 30ml
Texture - Medium, soft cream
Finish - Soft, nourished, moisturised skin

What they say
Bring volume where it's needed! Fillume volumising moisturiser is a combination of clinically proven ingredients to help target the appearance of subtle facial volume loss.

Key ingredients
Sesamin - Full of zinc, essential for producing collagen
Hyaluronic acid - Binds moisturise to the skin

What is it
This is a beautiful moisturiser for AM/PM. It's medium texture helps it absorb quickly and it leaves the skin soft and nourished. It is highly moisturising and softening. It has no scent and is suitable for all skin types. I can't say if it improves facial lines as I obviously don't have a mature skin, but I think it will plump and firm. 

How I use it
After serum, I apply a 20p size amount all over my face and neck.  I tend to use it as a night time moisturiser when my skin isn't acting up and need something simple. It always leaves my skin soft and gorgeous.

- No scent
- Light texture
- Softens and moisturises

- None

This is a great basic moisturiser that will always do what it's supposed to. Suitable for all skin types. To me it's a staple for irritated skin as well because it soothes and calms. I will definitely re-purchase when it runs out. Thank you for reading.