new dermalogica biolumin-c eye serum review
It's so important to start looking after your skin from an early age and now I'm in my twenties, I'm starting to notice more fine lines and darkness around my eyes that I want to treat sooner rather than later. Dermalogica is one of my go-to brands for effective, fuss-free skincare and when I heard a few months ago that they were launching an eye product with Vitamin C I was all ears. Being part of their Skinfluencer programme I was lucky enough to be sent their new Biolumin-C Eye Serum* and boy has it impressed! 

This new release is an extension of their best selling Biolumin-C Serum which is loaded with Ultra-Stable Vitamin C to provide antioxidant protection and help correct free radical damage, fine lines and uneven skin tone. It's such an amazing product - I really need to order a full-size! However, the skin around the eyes is much thinner compared to the rest of the face and is constantly being hit with pollution and environmental stressors which is why having a dedicated Vitamin C eye treatment is such a good idea! 

I’m super fussy when it comes to eye creams and usually I tend to avoid anything too rich as it can disrupt my makeup and leave my annoyingly puffy eyes even puffier but the fact this is a light serum is a game-changer. The texture is very thin and almost watery which I love as it makes it super easy to slot into any routine and doesn't break down my concealer. The supercharged Vitamin C helps to brighten and combat the visible signs of premature ageing while Peptides improve skin texture and elasticity & Papain (papaya enzyme) gently exfoliates. I always apply eye products after toning and before my serum to allow them to absorb better. At first, I was just using this in the mornings but it’s now become a staple in my evening routine as well. The day after I started using it I noticed a big difference in how bright my eye area looked and also how much smoother my fine lines were. I really struggle with dark circles (I blame it on being a night owl... and my mom) but along with drinking lots of water and getting more sleep, using this consistently has seriously reduced them! It also keeps my under-eyes looking firmer throughout the day which isn't easy to do as my skin is quite dehydrated and can look very crepey if I don’t use the right product. I’m seriously obsessed with this eye serum and I think anyone who’s worried about first signs of ageing or feels they're looking a bit dull and lifeless around the eyes should definitely check this out!

Will you be opting for a Vitamin C eye product from now on?


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