dreamy makeup duo from by terry primer powder
By Terry has been on my list of brands to try ever since I started blogging all the way back in 2015 - I don't even want to think about how long ago that was. Moving on... All my favourite old school bloggers raved about their makeup range but at the time it just wasn't in my price range. I'd always planned on picking up a few bits at some point then last year out of nowhere, an email landed in my inbox from By Terry asking if I was interested in trying some of their most loved products and I honestly can't explain how shocked and excited I was! You guys know that my base is the most important step in my makeup routine so I was very excited to see a primer and face powder in my delivery! The By Terry Hyaluronic Hydra range is really interesting as it's designed to perfect your skin and help with large pores, fine lines and blemishes all whilst providing a matte finish and still being hydrating. This isn't an easy combination to find but this duo has nailed it and has seriously changed my makeup game for the better!

By Terry Hyaluronic Hydra Primer* | So naturally it's only right we start with the primer and I'm not exaggerating when I say this is hands down the best one I've ever used! Usually, I steer away from anything mattifying as my skin is quite dehydrated and the texture can be way too siliconey or feel super drying and suck the moisture out of my skin but I can confirm the Hyaluronic Hydra Primer* does neither of those things - hurrah! A quick note on the packaging, it's a weighty squeezy tube which looks and feels really high-end and has survived being lugged around in my makeup bag for weeks which is an important factor for most of us! The primer itself has a creamy almost mousse-like texture without being greasy, drying or uncomfortable. It spreads beautifully on the skin and leaves a light hydrating film with just enough tackiness to glue my foundation in place and ensure a long-lasting finish. I like to focus it mainly on my forehead, nose and chin as it's perfect for smoothing out any uneven texture, filling in and blurring pores and giving a much more uniform canvas to start with. This pretty much ticks the boxes for everyone but if you have combination or oily skin, in particular, you will absolutely love this! 

By Terry Hyaluronic Hydra Powder* | I definitely had a bit of a powder moment in 2019. After discovering the glorious effects of baking and highlighting with face powders I've become obsessed with finding new ones. Following the hydrating theme, this loose translucent powder is formulated with Hyaluronic Acid and reduces the appearance of pores, fine lines, shine and blemishes without looking dry or cakey. You can use it on bare skin to take down shine and even out any problems areas or to bake and really lock that foundation in for good. It's a really versatile powder and it's one of the only ones I've tried that doesn't make me look flat or like I'm wearing 100 layers of foundation which I really struggle to find having dehydrated skin. This particular shade has no colour and can come off very light on the skin, especially if you're baking so if you have a medium-dark skin tone then I would definitely check out the tinted version which comes in a bunch of different shades and undertones which should stop the risk of looking ashy and getting flashback!

Have you tried anything from By Terry? What are your favourite products?


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