As much as my goal is to have beautiful, glowing, J-Lo-esq skin, it can sometimes be hard to achieve with all of the redness and pigmentation I have. BB Creams and tinted moisturisers are perfect for creating a smooth, radiant finish but they don't always provide enough coverage so sometimes I like to switch to a heavier foundation that has a bit more oomph but still looks natural on the skin. Here are my top three picks.
three full coverage foundations blog post
The Ordinary Coverage Foundation
I don't use this foundation very often as it can be a little matte for every day but when my skin is particularly red or blemished this is what I reach for. As the name would suggest it gives amazing coverage but it still looks like skin. It also has amazing staying power so it's great if you have more of a combination/oily skin. 

Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation Stick
I love this foundation and it's definitely one to check out if you're often applying your makeup on the go. I tend to apply this directly to the skin and blend it out with either a damp sponge or a bit of primer water and a buffing brush for a beautiful, even finish. A little goes a long way with this foundation and it blends out to a lovely satin finish that isn't too matte or too glowy. 

Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation 
For me, this is definitely more of a 'going out' foundation as the overall coverage and finish is a lot heavier than most of my other bases. It looks absolutely flawless on the skin and it's perfect for days when you know you're going to be photographed. I do need to prep my skin before I use this though as it can be unforgiving if you have dry/flaky skin which means exfoliating and moisturiser are essential! 

What's your favourite full coverage foundation?