Most of you will know that I recently took a short break from blogging and social media and although there were a few days when boredom would kick in and the urge to check Instagram was strong, a digital detox was something I'd needed for a really long time. Today I wanted to talk about my experiences being completely technology (well, phone) free, how it's made me fall back in love with blogging and why I think everyone one should try it at least once!
I had been planning to take a break since around September/October but I never got round to setting a date and then one night whilst taking some blog photos, I decided it was finally time to press pause. Around this time blogging didn't feel all that fun and I was focusing so much on the pressure of scheduling and uploading that I wasn't enjoying it anymore and that really bothered me as my blog is my baby and I love it so much. I also put my social media on hold and I can't explain how nice that felt! There were some days when I didn't open the Instagram app at all! I KNOW! 

I also started to feel really unhappy with the content I was putting out and I knew having some time off would help me regroup and come up with some new ideas. My sleeping pattern wasn't great over the Christmas period and it really started to affect my scheduling as I would wake up super late and by the time I'd done all of my normal daily activities, I'd have very little time to take photos or write posts which as you can imagine, was super frustrating! I have a much better pattern now and I've noticed such an improvement in how much work I'm managing to get done. 

The final thing that helped me realise it was time for a digital detox was after noticing how little time I had in the day to just relax and do something other than blog and scroll through Instagram. I was either on my laptop, sitting at my desk or constantly checking my phone. Don't get me wrong, I'm super happy and lucky to be able to do what I do but even though I work from home, it's still super exhausting being glued to a screen all day. It's definitely taught me the importance of taking regular breaks and learning when to just turn the laptop off and go to bed rather than forcing it and creating something I'm not happy with. 

Having a digital detox really helped me rediscover my passion for blogging and I would highly recommend it to anyone who's feeling a bit unmotivated or fed up. 

Would you consider having a digital detox?