Blinding people with your highlight has become the goal of 2016. There's no place for subtlety anymore and with this trend comes hundreds of products dedicated to making you beam. The Sleek Solstice palette has become one of the most talked about products in the blogger sphere and I can see why. It offers intense shine at a low price. Perfect for everyone. I finally got my hands on it last week and I'm dying to share my thoughts and swatches with you. I hope you enjoy!
The packaging is a gorgeous gold compact about the size of my hand. There is also a mirror inside. Ok for travel.
Price - £9.99 for 9g
Texture - Mixed cream/powder
Finish - Intense shine

What they say
Sleek MakeUP’s Solstice Highlighting Palette instantly enhances the complexion with a radiant glow.

Key claims
Radiant glow
Suits all skin tones
Two baked powders
One luxurious cream
One silky shimmer powder
Highly pigmented metallic finishes
Luminous sheen to skin

What is it
This is a gorgeous palette containing all the shades you need to highlight your face. All four shades have very intense colour pay off with a highly metallic finish. Can be used on the eyes and skin. The formula's are very soft with no chunky glitter or shimmer. Suitable for all skin types

Shades left to right
- Ecliptic - Cream
- Hemisphere - Baked powder
- Subsolar - Shimmer powder
- Equinox - Baked powder

How to use it
You can apply any of the shades to the inner corner of the eye/brow bone to highlight, or use as eyeshadows with a flat brush. They will primarily be great as highlighters on the cheekbones for when you want an intense look. They all have a creamy, soft texture that applies beautifully to the skin. There is no scent to the product. They also have good staying power. I'm not sure how the shades will work on deep skin tones so you may have to give them a swatch in store before you buy.

- Affordable
- Mix of champagne, yellow and pink shades
- Cream and powder
 - Good soft texture
- Lovely gold packaging
- Travel friendly
- Great pigmentation

- Contains talc (I know that is an issue for some people)

This is a fantastic palette that everyone and their mom needs to own. If you're boarding the 'highlighter train', pick this up along the way. There's not much more to say besides it's stunning and is definitely worth the hype.

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Thank you for reading!