Finding a good eye cream is a pain in the ass for me. I believe water, Vitamin C and sleep are the only things that can help reduce the appearance of dark circles, ( this sounds a bit like a TV advert... moving on). This Kiehls treatment is the best thing I've used so far, to hydrate and moisturise my eye area. Enjoy the review folks!

The eye cream comes in a small plastic pot. Nice and simple packaging. Great for travel.
Price - £20 for 14ml
Texture - Thick, smooth cream
Finish - Soft, moisturised skin

What they say
This rich and creamy eye treatment contains vitamin A, avocado oil and fatty acids, providing intense hydration for the delicate eye area.

Key ingredients
Vitamin A - Reduces wrinkles and smooths roughness
Avocado Oil - Relieves dryness and moisturises
Fatty acids - Deeply nourish the skin

What is it
This is a luxurious eye treatment that softens and hydrates the eye area. It has a gorgeous thick, buttery texture which glides along the skin with out tugging or pulling. It has a very light, almost fruity scent. Suitable for all skin types.

How I use it
I take a small amount and apply it all around my eyes. I take it under the eye, around the cheek bones and also on my lids. You can use it AM/PM, I love it for both. It sits beautifully under makeup. After applying it, the skin is super soft and nourished.

- Huge amount of product
- Mid priced
- Almost no scent
- Buttery texture
- Easily absorbs
- Instantly nourishes and moisturises
- Travel friendly

- None

What a lovely eye cream! It ticks all the boxes for me. It provides all the moisture and hydration without being too thick or awkward to work with. I love how to the point but effective it is. Sal, if you're reading this, I would definitely try it! Thanks for reading everyone!