Pictures of this face mask were all over Instagram for weeks. One day I was passing my local Lush and saw the bright blue pot in the window, I rushed in and purchased it. Being a fresh face mask, it has to be kept in the fridge, and I kind of forgot about it. Tonight I dug it out to give you the review. Hope you enjoy!

It comes in the typical small black pot. Not suitable for travel.
Price -  £6.75 for 75g
Texture - Gritty, creamy mask
Finish - Exfoliated, bright, refreshed skin

What they say
Well, hello, don't be shy. I caught you looking at my rich, exfoliating texture.

Key ingredients
Organic Lemon Juice - Refreshes and tones
Murumuru Butter - Protects and moisturises
Ground Rice - Exfoliates

What is it
This is a brightening, invigorating mask that instantly gives you fresh, radiant skin. It sloughs away dead skin, and gets rid of any dullness. It has a fine, gritty texture and a very strong lemon scent. Suitable for all skin types except sensitive/ very sensitive skins.

How I use it
I apply a generous amount all over my face avoiding the eyes (obviously). I leave it on for about 10/15 minutes. It does slightly harden, but not to th point where you can't talk or make facial expressions. Remove with a nice hot flannel. The grains can feel a bit harsh with a flannel, so you can rinse off if you prefer. Once removed, the skin is so soft and hydrated, but clarified and refreshed. It can be over-powering if you don't like lemon based scents. 

- Affordable
- Instant results
- Moisturises and softens
- Exfoliates
- Refreshing scent
- Gorgeous colour

- May be too harsh for sensitive skins

I love this face mask. It's so different to Lush's other masks and it definitely does what it says on the pot. As well as working wonders for the skin, its great fun to use because of the colour. A great choice for sleepovers and fun pamper nights. Try it out in a Lush store to see if the texture is right for you. Thank you so much for reading everyone!