When I saw these in Boots, I pretty much jumped up and down on the spot. I have other colour tattoos and love them greatly, so when I saw these matte shades, my eyes lit up. I have been testing them out for a couple weeks, in different ways. Now they're ready to face a review.

They come in the same thick glass pots, with colour swatch labels.
Price - £4.99
Texture - Cream shadow
Finish - Even, smooth, coverage

What they say
Ink technology creates 24hour wear shadow for out most intense, long lasting colour saturation. Cream formula glides on without creasing and keeps colour vibrant.

Key claims
No creasing
Long lasting
Intense colour

What is it
These are cream eyeshadows that offer a more skin tone colour, with a long lasting finish. You can apply a wash of product to even out the tone on the eyelids, or a heavier amount to prime for eyeshadow.  No scent.

Creme De Nude

In pot 

In pot - flash


Swatch - Flash

How I use it
This shade is what I use to even out my eyelids. Great for covering veins and discolouration. The yellow tone matches me, while the other shade will suit people with a pink undertone. It works great as a primer or on its own. Doesn't crease (on me) and helps everything last and show up vibrantly. It applies evenly and smoothly, I would still make sure your eyes are nicely moisturised. I apply it with fingers or a brush. Could be a dupe for MAC's Soft Ochre Paint Pot.

- Great primer
- Works great with yellow based skin
- Doesn't crease
- Good coverage

- None

Creme De Rose

In Pot

In Pot - flash


Swatch - flash

How I use it
I mostly use this as a primer, as the pink base doesn't match my undertone. It helps eyeshadows last well and show up brightly. It smoothes over the eyes, again make sure that area is moisturised. It does not crease on me. Seems to be a dupe for MAC's Painterly Paint Pot.

- Affordable
- Great base/ primer
- Good coverage
- No creasing

There's not much to say about these, except they're amazing! My new favourites eye primer/bases at an affordable price! Plus there's one for all skin tones. Perfect for pretty much everyone, a great highstreet gem. I really want to try the other shades in the Creamy Mattes range, because I'm so impressed with these. Good work Maybelline! Thank you for reading!