After falling in love with the original glycolic fix pads by Nip and Fab I decided to try the extreme version. I picked them up from Superdrug and have been testing them every night since. I love this brand and have become quite addicted to their products. 

The pads come in this hand size plastic pot with bright blue and orange packaging. I think it's great for travelling because you have all your acid pads in one place.
Price -  (I can't find the price I paid, it was around £8) for 60 pads
Texture - Bumpy, soft, thin pads
Finish - Very bright, exfoliated skin

What they say
Super strength acid exfoliating facial pads to target oily and congested skin. A concentrated acid blend of AHAs and BHAs help to improve the skin's natural exfoliating process. 

Key ingredients
- 5% Glycolic acid - Aids natural skin exfoliation and refines skin's texture.
- Salicylic acid - Helps unclog congested skin.
Lactic acid - Gently weakens the bonds holding dead skin cells together.

What is it
These are very intense acid toning pads that resurface, clear and exfoliate the skin. The pads are pre soaked in the acid solution.  They have a very fresh/clean scent. Suitable for all skin types, using daily maybe too harsh for sensitive skins.

(the pads are very thin)

How I use it
I take a pad, swipe it all over my face and neck, turn it over and go again. I only use them at night to help exfoliate and clear the surface for all my serums and moisturisers. Using acid toners in pad forms are much more gentle than using harsh beads. I get instant results when I use these pads. My skin looks amazing after every use.

 - Full of beneficial acids
- Instantly see brighter skin
- Skin feels clear and toned
- Great for all skin types

- Maybe too harsh for everyday/sensitive skins

These pads are a great find for me, I love exfoliating in acid form and I use them daily to keep my skin smooth and toned. They are packed with acids to (essentially) give my skin a kick up the ass. For the price these are a great affordable option for everyone. I will definitely get a back up to have for when these finish. Thank you for reading.