After picking up the sample size in InStyle magazine, I decided to put it to the test and bought the full size so I can use it for at least a week. I have never used any sort of self/gradual tan before this, and I really enjoyed the experience. I have before and after shots, also with dates. Onto the review of the new St Tropez Gradual Tan In Shower Lotion. 

I love the packaging. It's a nice slim tube with a gorgeous blue ombre effect and pretty water droplets. (Definitely looks prettier than the typical white or gold tan bottles.)
Price - £14.50 for 200ml
Texture - Soft cream
Finish - Gradual, golden tan

What they say
Just 3 minutes as part of your daily shower regime, St Tropez Gradual Tan In Shower Lotion is a convenient way to build a sun kissed, gradual glow, that provides up to 24 hour moisturisation.

Key ingredients
Sweet Almond Oil - Hydrates the skin

What is it
This is a gradual tan that you apply daily to build up a beautiful natural looking golden tan. It has a nice scent when you apply it, but by night time it has a slight biscuit scent. Suitable for all skin types. 

Tips whilst using this tan
- Don't apply to sensitive, dry areas
- Patch test first
- It will stain nails if not washed off properly. 
- Not intended for the face

How I used it
The first application I did was only to my arms and decollate, so that area in the end was darkest. At the end of my shower, after using shower gel I applied a generous amount to my body in circular motions to make sure it's even. You turn off the water, and wait for three minutes so it develops. It is a bit annoying to stand naked, cold for three minutes, but it does get easier each time. Once the time is up, rinse off with warm water, and pat skin dry. Make sure you rinse it off evenly.

- Shave and exfoliate before applying
- Moisturise after (it does hydrate but not enough for me)

Before and After Pictures

Before Tan

3rd Day

6th Day

8th Day (tan fading)

For a pale skin tone like mine, the tan is quite noticeable, it's a good golden undertone, not orange/green or fake. I think it offers a realistic looking tan as if you've been on holiday. I really enjoyed having golden arms, my family especially noticed it and said it looks very healthy. For people who are already a medium skin tone or people who love a deep tan, this won't be for you. You could use it as a tan top up. 

- Easy application
- Realistic colour
- Smells nice when applying
- Great starter for pale skin
- Mid price

- Won't do much for medium/dark skins
- Slight biscuit scent by night time ( goes after morning shower)
- Not instant

I really enjoyed trying this out. The effect I had was amazing, it makes you look sun kissed and healthy. Would be great for a pick up in winter because it's not too dark or fake looking. This could be amazing for so many people and I think it's definitely worth trying. If I do get more into tanning, this will be my staple. It has made me lust after golden limbs, and I'll be honest, I wanted it to be darker after seeing how nice my arms were when tanned! I hope this review helped and the pictures were a good example of how this product works. Thank you for reading.