Who doesn't get the January blues at some point or another? I certainly do and it honestly sucks. If you follow me on Instagram (which you definitely should as I'm hosting a big giveaway when I hit 3K) you'll know I'm putting all of my energy into staying positive and just taking things as they come and much to my surprise it's actually working! I'm managing to get so much work done and it's some of the best content I've put out in a long time (if I do say so myself). January blues, depression and just general lack of motivation can be so frustrating and I know how hard it is to get out of that funk so today I'm sharing my top tips for staying on track - especially if you're a freelancer/blogger! 
how to beat the january blues and stay motivated as an influencer maiyabellexo
Forget The Past | I thought I'd start with the most important yet probably hardest tip I have. Most of you will probably know how shite 2018 was for me, I'm not going to bore you with the details for the millionth time but part of why I'm *trying* to be so positive this year is because I don't want that to repeat itself. I think a lot of people feel happy for the first week of January but quickly start to remember the issues they dealt with in the previous year and it starts to put them into a very negative frame of mind. What's happened has happened, you can't change it and the best thing you can do is focus on being happy and achieving your goals. Everything else will start to fall into place, trust me.

Do More Things You Love | We all use the excuse of Christmas to pamper ourselves and indulge more but that shouldn't stop just because December is over. Taking an extra hour a day or even weekly to have a much-needed bubble bath or finish reading that book can completely change how you feel and get you feeling much more 'ready' to crack on with your work/to-do list. 

Create Good Content | Ok so we've all heard this before and thought 'well dur' but I've only recently properly understood it and started to really implement it into my blog. Every influencer is different and we all have something unique about us but creating content that actually keeps the viewers coming back and makes new followers want to stick around is a lot harder than it sounds. There was a point with my Instagram when I would upload for the sake of uploading and of course it had the exact opposite effect from what I wanted. At the start of the month, I went through my blog and IG and wrote down which posts had the most likes, engagement and positive feedback and now I'm making sure to create content on that same level. This also applies to photography. We all have those days when we don't have the energy to have a full-on photo sesh and there's nothing wrong with that but in my experience, it's better to wait until you can put out something you're proud of instead of something of lesser quality and just hoping for the best!  

Catch Up With Your Online Besties | I can't explain how kind and supportive my blogging besties have been recently! The difference it makes to my work attitude and even my general mood is just amazing! Of course, you still have the people you know in real life but sometimes it's more comforting talking to someone who does the same thing as you as you can both motivate each other and come up with new ideas together! #GirlPower 

Take A Break | Even when you try really hard sometimes you're just not feeling it and at that point, it's time to take a step back, regroup and start fresh. You don't want to constantly do this but if you're having a particularly stressful month and you just can't focus, having a little break can do wonders! 

I really hope you found this helpful! What are some of your top tips for staying positive/focused?