I'm always telling you guys about my skin and how temperamental it is but recently it's bumped up to a whole new level. Having combination skin means not only do you have to worry about blemishes and oil control but you also need to hydrate and nourish the drier dry areas too - you basically can't win! I also have fairly dehydrated skin so I have a lot of issues to treat and it can be hard to find the right balance but I think I've finally managed to create my perfect skincare routine and today I'm going to talk you through how I prep my skin in the mornings. 
The Perfect Morning Routine For Combination Skin Blog Post
I start by cleansing and I've recently repurchased the Oskia Renaissance Cleansing Gel which is a long-time favourite of mine. It leaves the skin incredibly clean and smooth but not stripped. It's formulated with Pumpkin Enzymes and Vitamin A, C & E to help gently exfoliate and nourish the skin. Then I chemically exfoliate using the By Wishtrend Mandelic Acid 5% Skin Prep Water* which is great for gently sloughing away dead skin and giving a gorgeous healthy glow. To kick-start the hydration process I've been loving the Murad Resurgence Hydrating Toner which is a life saver for those with dehydrated skin! My eyes are really puffy in the morning so I use the Boots Essentials Cucumber Eye Gel paired with my Yu Ling Jade Facial Roller as together they soothe, reduce puffiness and help lift my whole eye area!

Serums are where I usually change things up the most but recently I've gone back to my trusty Indeed Laboratories Hydration Booster* which sadly is coming to an end but is definitely one to check out if you want to really up your hydration game! I've also switched to the Indeed Laboratories Hydraluron Moisture Jelly* for my daytime moisturiser as it gives me a lovely plump base for makeup but doesn't feel greasy or take ages to absorb. Finally, for sun protection, I've been opting for the new La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo SPF 30 which is a lovely light formula that blends perfectly into the skin, doesn't feel heavy and sits beautifully under makeup! 

Are any of these products in your morning skincare routine?