There have definitely been a few moments this year when the pressure to upload has felt really overwhelming or personal issues have forced me to take breaks and second guess myself as a blogger but I truly love what I do and I'm so glad I've stuck with it and carried on. It got me thinking that it might be helpful to some of you to share a few of my top tips for staying motivated and also give you a little insight as to how I typically plan my day including scheduling blog content, posting on my socials and all that jazz related to blogging. 
five tips for staying motivated as a blogger blog post
Get Yourself A Planner | I probably have three or four half used notebooks in my cupboard which I know isn't great but for some reason, I've never actually found them useful. Most of the time I'll jot down notes on my phone as it's so much quicker but I still like an actual written planner because it makes me feel things are actually getting done (yes I'm anal like that.) I found this Lady Jayne Marble 18 Month Planer in TK Maxx and it's literally the best thing since sliced bread! It's a sort of half diary half notebook and it includes monthly/weekly calendars and also plenty of space for notes. I find it much easier to get things done with this. If you don't have something like this get thee to a TK Maxx asap! They have so many cute designs, I'm tempted to buy a spare! 

Pay Attention To Those Burn Out Symptoms | I'm terrible with this and it's definitely something I need to start doing more often. It's very natural and common to feel deflated and stuck whilst blogging, especially if you've had a busy month and used up a lot of your best ideas. So when you start to feel that drop in enthusiasm take it as a sign you might need a break. A big part of blogging is creativity and forcing it isn't helpful at all so don't feel bad about stepping back every now and then.

Plan Your Day Early | Recently I've been trying super hard to break my night-owl pattern and it has been working for the most part. I'll never be one of those people who gets up at 5am for a morning jog but knowing I'm waking up slightly earlier and sorting out my jobs for the day makes me more positive and energetic to get everything done. I spend about 10 minutes listing my tasks both blogging and domestic, usually starting with the latter. There is always something to be done related to blogging whether it's writing and scheduling posts, taking photos for Instagram, replying to comments, the list goes on but I really enjoy being kept busy and I wouldn't be able to get half the things done without having a game plan ready. 

Create Content You're Proud Of | We're always hearing people say 'post content you want to see' but it's a lot easier said than done. I'm extremely critical of myself and anything I do, I can sometimes take over two hours just to take the (near) perfect blog photo. I always notice the negatives in what I do but as soon as I start focusing on things I'm actually proud of it's almost like a placebo effect and I notice myself creating more and more content that I'm super happy with. If you're feeling stuck for inspiration think back to blog posts you're proud of and it'll definitely spark ideas of projects you'll enjoy creating.

Remember Why You Started In The First Place & Just Enjoy It | Most people will tell you they started blogging as a hobby or out of sheer curiosity but that's exactly what you should think about if you ever feel unmotivated. You have to have a passion for what you blog about otherwise it will simply feel like a chore. Also engaging with other bloggers/beauty addicts (or whatever your niche) is so important as it's always nice and encouraging to share a passion with someone else. I've made so many amazing friends through blogging and they really inspire me to keep going and focus on my goals and what I want to achieve from blogging as a career. 

I know these aren't groundbreaking tips but I just wanted to share some of the recent things that have made a difference to me. 

Do you have any tips for staying motivated as a blogger/freelancer?