Blusher is usually one of those products that you either love and wouldn't be seen dead without or something you loathe and would rather swap for a dusting of bronzer. Personally, I sit somewhere in the middle and depending on my mood (and skin) I'll either go for something bright and colourful or barely there. I'm especially into blushers that don't require much skill to apply and look virtually undetectable on the skin. Here are my top blusher picks for all my fellow lazy gals out there! 
the lazy girl's guide to blush blog post
Glossier Cloud Paints 
I definitely think that cream blush is the way forward. Especially for us lazy peeps. It's just a lot more natural looking and only takes seconds to apply whereas powders can be a bit more high maintenance. I love the Glossier Cloud Paints because they're basically fool-proof and give you a gorgeous pop of colour that can be built up or toned down. Dusk is great if you want a natural, 'your cheeks but better' sort of shade and Puff is perfect if you're more of a baby pink lover. 

Clinique Cheek Pops
This is probably the best powder blush formula I've come across. They're just such a breeze to apply and I love that you can start off really sheer and then apply more if you feel you need it. They give a beautiful sheen to the cheeks and with six shades (my favourite is Ginger Pop) to choose from, there's a cheek pop for everyone. They also have my favourite packaging. I mean, just look at that flower print! 

Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush
If you're looking for a natural blush with a hint of shimmer then I highly recommend giving the Ambient Lighting range a swatch next time you're at an Hourglass counter. There's something about their blushers that just looks so pretty and ethereal on the skin. A little goes a really long way and they blend out seamlessly!

Marc Jacobs Air Blush | Kink & Kisses
Being someone who has a lot of redness in their skin (especially in the cheek area), I tend to avoid brighter colours as they tend to exaggerate it but this shade is an exception. It's very pigmented so you don't need much and it's perfect if you want something luminous without any shimmer or glitter. 

What are your favourite lazy day blushers?