Despite it being Winter my skin has been super oily and congested recently and I’ve had quite a few blemishes pop up around my chin and jaw that just wouldn’t budge. Enter T-Zone... If you're from the UK I'm sure you would have used or at least heard of this brand before. T-Zone is a high-street skincare brand that prides themselves on delivering a natural alternative to chemical ingredients, helping to gently purify and treat the skin, giving you a clearer, spot-free complexion. A lot of skincare products for oily/blemish prone skin can be very expensive but their Charcoal & Bamboo Range* is super affordable and is currently buy 1 get the 2nd half price in Superdrug until the end of February! It uses Activated Charcoal to absorb toxins and excess oil from pores, Bamboo Extract to control oil and Grapefruit to help soothe and keep the skin clear. I've been using the range for a little while now and I thought it was about time I give you my thoughts!
t-zone charcoal and bamboo range review
I love using purifying cleansers as they're great for getting rid of any excess oil and dirt that might be clogging the pores. I just take a couple of pumps and massage the cleanser into my skin and it turns into a lovely creamy lather. You can use it to remove makeup but I love keeping this for when my skin needs a really good cleanse. Once I'm done I just remove the cleanser with a hot flannel but you can rinse off if you prefer. It leaves my skin feeling super clean and soft but not dry or stripped like a lot of other face washes do. It's also mineral oil-free which is amazing! 

Even though I love using exfoliating toners and serums sometimes my skin just needs a bit of physical exfoliation. When I first tried this scrub I was a little worried that it would be too harsh for my skin but it's actually really gentle! It has a creamy texture and the natural Bamboo granules do such a good job of buffing away all of the dead skin and deep cleaning my pores. My nose and chin get very congested but this has really helped keep everything smooth and clear. It smells amazing too!

Nose Pore Strips* | £3.99
I was so excited when I saw these in my parcel as I've really been into pore strips lately! Once a week I like to use one of these on my nose and chin and watch as they unclog my pores and draw out any impurities. They won't get rid of blackheads permanently but I love using them before an event or when I'm feeling particularly congested. 

Although these aren't something I would use every day, they do a great job of removing makeup and cleaning the skin in a hurry. I prefer to use actual cleansers in my daily skincare routine but I would definitely take these with me when I'm travelling or if I know I'm going to be staying at someone's house and I need something to get my makeup off that little bit quicker! I also love that they don't leave any residue! 

I'm a big fan of self-heating masks as I love the warming sensation on my skin. After cleansing, you apply the mask to the face and as you massage it in, it starts to heat up and this helps to open your pores and remove any impurities. My skin feels amazing after using this and I love that I can take these on the go with me! 

Peel off masks were all the rage last year, especially on Instagram! I'll apply this in a semi-thick layer and leave it on for 20-25 minutes (or until it dries) and then start to remove it. I must admit there is something really satisfying about peeling this off the skin! I tend to use this just on my forehead, nose and chin as my cheeks don't get many blemishes. My pores are much less noticeable after using this and it's actually the first peel off mask I've used that doesn't hurt or pull on my skin! Yay! 

No-Shine Papers* | £2.99
I love the idea of blotting papers as for me they're much more convenient than having to carry a setting powder and brush in my bag. I've used these a few times when my face started to get a bit oily and they did a such a good job of taking down the shine without disturbing my makeup. These would be great for anyone who goes to the gym or often finds themselves having to touch up their makeup throughout the day!

Have you tried anything from T-Zone? What are your top picks?


This post is sponsored by T-Zone. All opinions are my own.