I've had my eye on Glossier ever since I first heard Anna raving about them back at the beginning of the year. Their minimal packaging and no makeup - makeup vibe instantly drew me in. As most of you will probably know Glossier has finally launched in the UK and what's even more exciting is that because the products are coming from a UK-based warehouse, you don't have to pay any taxes or customs charges! How awesome is that? Over the past few weeks I've made three fairly big orders and now that I have them all with me, I thought it was about time I show you what I got.
For my first order, I felt it was only right I start with the Phase 1 and Phase 2 sets which are kind of like their starter packs. Each set contains 3 best-selling products and it works out quite a bit cheaper than if you were to buy them individually. You also get to pick the shades you want which is amazing!

Phase 1 is the skincare set and in it, you get the Milky Jelly Cleanser, Priming Moisturiser and a Balm Dot Com of your choice. I really like this set and I think it's a great way to try some of their products if you're not really sure where to start. I've been trying the cleanser on and off since I got it and so far I'm really enjoying it. It's a great everyday cleanser that leaves the skin feeling clean but not stripped. I haven't tried the moisturiser yet but I've heard so many people say it's a fab base for makeup. I was so eager to try the Balm Dot Com in Birthday Cake and it certainly didn't disappoint. It's a multi-use balm that helps to soften and nourish dry areas but I use it on my lips and I love it!

The Phase 2 set contains three of their best selling makeup items and although I'm usually more excited about skincare, I was so happy to finally get my hands on these products. You all know I love a good brow gel and Boy Brow is one of the most popular ones around. I got the shade brown and I can't wait to start using it. Then there's the Stretch Concealer which is designed to give you coverage without the cakey finish. I went for the shade Light which looks like a really good match. The last product in the set is the Generation G in Cake which is their take on the modern day lip. It's sheerer than a normal lipstick and is supposed to give you that just blotted, your lips but better look. 

A few days after they launched I placed my second order and I ended up getting a bunch more makeup. Haloscope is their cream highlighter and it's probably the prettiest one I've ever owned. I went for Quarts which is a really nice pearlescent shade. It looks so glowy and radiant on the skin and it's perfect if you love the dewy look. Everyone was going mad for the Cloud Paints so I decided to get Dusk and Puff which are both really pretty and wearable. I also picked up another Boy Brow in Clear and a Balm Dot Com in Coconut. You can never have too many backups! 

The last thing I ordered was their brand new fragrance, You. I received a couple of samples with my first two orders and I instantly fell in love with it. Part of me was expecting it to be really strong and musky but actually, it's quite subtle. I won't go on about it too much as I'm planning on doing a separate post about it because I love it that much!

Have you tried anything from Glossier? What are your favourite picks?