I was super excited when I heard that The Ordinary had released foundations and because I already had such a positive experience with their skincare products, my expectations were extremely high. It took me a while to actually order the foundations but this was probably a good thing as there were a lot of shipping issues when they first launched but thankfully this has all been fixed and you can now easily order them through their website or from ASOS and Cult Beauty. I've been using the foundations almost daily and I am honestly so impressed with them. I normally know straight away whether I'm going to like a base product or not and these were no exception.
The Ordinary Serum Foundation | 1.0N | £5.70
I love both foundations but if I had to pick a favourite it would definitely be this one. The formula is very thin and spreadable but it still has a good medium coverage. I apply it with a sponge and it gives my skin a gorgeous natural finish. Another thing that really impressed me was the wear time. I'll apply it in the morning and it literally stays put all day. I've also noticed that I don't get as shiny as I do with other foundations. When it came to choosing my shade I automatically went for the lightest option and for once, it turned out to be an exact match! I can't praise this enough!

The Ordinary Coverage Foundation | 1.0N | £5.90
Normally I shy away from thicker, heavier coverage foundations but this is very different to what you'd expect. It doesn't cling to dry patches or texture and it's actually really easy to blend. Because I like my daily base to be quite fresh and glowy, this is something I would keep for special occasions or if I'm having a really bad skin day. I was expecting it to have a matte finish but it's actually a satin which I prefer as it stops it looking flat. I find it lasts a good 6-8 hours on my combination skin and I only have to touch up once. I'm very surprised by this foundation and I love having it in my collection.

So there you have my thoughts on The Ordinary Foundations. To me, they're 100% worth the hype and I would highly recommend giving them a go!

Have you tried these yet? What did you think?