If I had to choose between skincare and makeup, it would definitely be skincare. As much as I love finding a new foundation or highlighting my cheekbones, there's just something about skincare that draws me in. I've been doing quite a bit of affordable beauty shopping recently and I've found a few new skincare products that I'm really excited to add to my routine.
Sukin Detoxifying Clay Masque | £11.95
I decided to pick this up because I don't have many detoxifying masks in my stash at the moment and I'm currently really struggling with my pores. I've only used it a couple times but so far, I really like it. It's a thick, creamy mask that helps to draw out impurities and re-balance the skin. It's also packed with moisturising ingredients which leave the skin feeling super soft and nourished. I think this is going to become a favourite!

Hylamide Pore Flush* | £13
I was so excited when this arrived as I haven't tried many Hylamide products but the ones I have, I really enjoyed. This is quite an interesting product from them as it's a plant and marine-based face mist that helps to reduce pore size and regulate sebum activity. I've already tried it once and it was a really nice simple mist. I can't wait to see if I have any long-term results! 

B. Clean Sparkling Water Cleanser | £6.99
I've been wanting to try this cleanser for absolutely ages and I finally decided to pick it up the other day whilst it was on offer. Inspired by the Korean Beauty trend of using carbonated water in your skincare routine, this cleanser can be used on its own or as part of a double cleanse and is supposed to leave the skin thoroughly clean and refreshed. I've only tried it on the back of my hand but I really enjoyed the light texture and fresh scent.

Have you tried any of these? What skincare products are you currently testing?