DHC is a brand that has been on my radar for years but for some reason, I never got round to actually purchasing anything from them. I'm not really sure why but I know you guys know what I mean. Not too long ago I was very kindly sent a bunch of their products and I've been having so much fun trying everything out. As you can imagine, the thing I was most excited to try was their cult classic Deep Cleansing Oil* which is raved about by pretty much every blogger I know. I've been testing it out for a good month and a half and I can definitely see why this is one of the most popular cleansers of all time!
I have the 200ml size which retails for £24 but it also comes in a 30ml and 70ml size which are more travel-friendly. It comes in a sturdy plastic bottle with a pump. 

Cleansing oils are traditionally used as makeup removers and this is one of the most popular ones for the job. The antioxidant-rich olive oil melts away everything from makeup and waterproof mascara to SPF and dirt, but it also helps to nourish and condition the skin at the same time, leaving it super soft and hydrated. It has a gorgeous silky texture which makes it perfect for removing eye makeup as you don't have to tug or pull on the skin and it's also great for facial massage. This is perfect for all skin types.

I normally use two pumps in the evening if I'm wearing makeup or SPF, (one if it's my morning cleanse) and I massage it all over the face and it instantly starts to break everything down. Sometimes I'll just remove it as it is but most of the time I like to emulsify it with water to speed things up - I ain't got two hours to spend cleansing my face every night! I know this might sound weird, but even though it's an oil, it doesn't feel greasy on the skin and it doesn't leave any residue which I love. Once I've finished my skin looks so healthy and hydrated and it feels amazing! It's one of the only cleansers I own that makes my skin feel that good. It has definitely brought back my love for cleansing oils!

I can't say enough good things about this cleanser and I'm so annoyed that I didn't try it sooner! If you're looking for a new cleansing oil, I would highly recommend checking this out! You won't regret it!

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