A big part of why I like to stay organised is because I procrastinate and lose focus really easily. I'll sit down to write a blog post but somehow end up spending the next two hours browsing on New Look trying to justify an order with £3.99 shipping. Am I the only one who hates paying for shipping? I know a lot of people struggle with this so today I wanted to share my tips for staying focused and getting shit done!
Write Lists
This is an obvious one but I can't express how much easier it makes things. You don't have to use a fancy pad or make a bullet journal, a simple notebook will do the trick. If I don't have everything written down, my brain will literally go into overdrive!

This links in with writing lists. I always try to complete my biggest/hardest tasks first as they're usually the most important. For example, I really struggle with taking blog photos - it's just not my strong point. So to stop myself from getting frustrated, I take and edit all of my photos before I actually write a post, that way everything is ready to be uploaded once I've finished. 

Limit Distractions
I've always had problems with being easily distracted and I've recently realised that having my phone near me when I'm blogging is a major no-no. Putting my phone in another room has dramatically improved my writing speed and also the quality of my content as I'm able to stay fully focused on the post. This goes for TV and music too. 

Make Sure You Feel Up To It
Anytime I've tried to write a blog post when I've felt down, overwhelmed or just stuck in a rut, it's never worked out. There's just no point forcing it when you're not in the mood. I know it's annoying when you want to be consistent and post content but trust me, it's better to wait until you feel in the zone rather than upload something you're not 100% happy with. 

I hope you found this post helpful and don't forget to share your tips on staying focused in the comments!