A couple weeks back I made an order with Happy Place Cosmetics after hearing multiple bloggers rave about their amazing products, all of which are handmade, vegan and SLS free. How fab is that? They make a whole range of products from body scrubs to hair masks but what really stands out to me is their Brush Cleansers. (Especially the Gummy Bear one). 
I used to use an anti-bacterial hand wash to clean my brushes but after trying these, I'll never go back. There are multiple scents to choose from and they all come in a 100ml pot which is so convenient for travelling. Paired with the free brush egg that comes when you order one of the cleansers, it removes every trace of makeup and leaves the bristles feeling really soft and conditioned. It's like they're brand new...
Step 1 - Rinse the brush head in warm water.
Step 2 - Lather the brush in the cleanser for about 15 seconds.
Step 3 - Use the free brush egg to really deep clean between the bristles.
Step 4 - Thoroughly rinse out all product and squeeze out any excess water.
Step 5 - Line up your clean brushes on a towel to dry. 

And that's it! What's your favourite way to clean your brushes?

Thank you so much for reading!