Makeup brushes are often overlooked as we tend to get more excited over the latest eyeshadow palette or highlighting powder rather than the tools we use to apply them. But I'm a firm believer that good quality makeup brushes are the secret to a flawless face. After realising I've never spoken about my brushes, I thought I would show you my top picks. I hope you enjoy!

Real Techniques
Sculpting Brush - I use this for all of my cream products. I can do my foundation, concealer, blush, highlighter and contour with this brush. It's one of my absolute faves!
Expert Face Brush - This is my go to for foundation. It buffs the product well into the skin without leaving streaks or patches.
Contour Brush - As the name would suggest, this brush is perfect for contouring. The synthetic bristles work with liquids, powders and creams, meaning you can use your favourite contouring product and it will always look flawless.
Nic's Pick Cheek Brush - I love the slightly tapered shape of this brush. It makes it so easy to apply powder to bigger areas of the face. It's also great for blusher and bronzer.
Fan Brush - I use this solely to highlight the tip of my nose and cupids bow. Personally I don't think it spreads product out very well, so I keep it for placing product rather than blending. 
Setting Brush - No matter what makeup look I'm doing, I'll always find a use for this brush. Seriously, there's nothing it can't do. I use it for setting under my eyes, applying highlighter, and if I'm desperate, I'll even use it on my eyes!
Deluxe Crease Brush - I've recently discovered that I prefer using a sponge for my under eye concealer but if fancy using a brush, this is what I'll use.

F35 - This is my holy grail highlighter brush. Because it's tapered to a point, it makes it great for hitting all of the high points of the face. I even use it for my inner corner highlight. 
E40 - When I apply eyeshadow I usually start with a base colour and then a transition shade. This is my go to brush for both steps. 
E55 - I love this one for packing colour on the lids or applying a brow bone highlight.
E30 - Pencil brushes are fab for blending out eyeshadow under the eyes and this one from Sigma always holds it's shape.
E25 - This famous dupe for the MAC 217 is a massive staple in my collection. A fluffy, white-haired blending brush is one of the best tools you can own.

Louise Young
LY23 - I like to think of this brush as my secret weapon. It's the best thing I've ever found for applying gel liner and creating wings. 

So there you have some of my must have makeup brushes.
  Can you spot any of your faves?

Thank you so much for reading!