When highlighter first took over at the beginning of the year it seemed golden/champagne hues were the go-to but now we're embracing everything from icy cool tones to warm rose gold shades. Normally I'm a champagne kinda girl but I've really been getting into pearly, pink based highlighters which can be a bit more wearable depending on how you apply them. I picked up these two from the drugstore and I can't get enough of them. They have different textures but both give a gorgeous icy glow to the skin which is perfect for this time of year. Oh and did I mention that both of these together cost less than £9? That's crazy!
Freedom Pro Highlight - Diffused - £3
This is one of my favourite highlighting powders. The first time I used it I knew straight away it would become a favourite. It has a lovely smooth texture which sits well on the skin. The shade is a definite pearl with pink undertones and will work for fair-medium skin tones. If you have a deeper skin tone don't worry, this product comes in multiple shades. It's not really pigmented but I prefer it that way. A light dusting on the cupids bow and cheekbones and you'll look lit from within. 

Seventeen Skin WOW 3 Way Highlighter - £5.99
This is a multi-purpose product as you can use it as a primer, mix it with your foundation or apply it solely as a highlighter. Each method offers a different but beautiful and seriously glowy finish. Since this is a liquid it's definitely more pigmented but you can still control the coverage. It has a lovely smooth texture which glides over the skin. If you have bumps/texture, congestion or blemishes you may not want to apply it over those areas but then that goes for any highlighting product. Unfortunately this product only comes in one shade but it's so worth checking out in Boots if you like pink based highlights!

What's your favourite highlighting product for Autumn/Winter? 

Thank you for reading!