Dark circles are one of the biggest skin complaints in the industry and it doesn't matter how old you are, what colour your skin is, we all get them and we all hate them. With my fair complexion it's very easy to notice the darkness under my eyes and it almost gives me an Edward Scissorhands vibe. For a long time now, I've been trying extra hard to minimise their appearance and to find something that helps reduce them in a short amount of time. As well as using eye creams and getting a good amount of sleep, I've found something that almost instantly fades my dark circles. Be warned, it's nothing revolutionary, but it does work and it couldn't be easier.

I have found that drinking at least one cup a day of water with lemon reduces about 70% of the darkness and stops them looking so blue/purple. I first started drinking lemon water when I read Jessica Sepel's book 'The Healthy Life' after she explained it helps with digestion and how it makes a nice change from tea in the morning. I started adding fresh lemon juice to boiled water and would drink it throughout the morning. Eventually I started using cold water and drunk it throughout the day instead of my usual plain water. A week or so after trying it I realised one day whilst cleansing that my under eyes we're dramatically lighter and healthier looking. My skin had also improved and was clearer, brighter and more hydrated. 
Lemon is packed with Vitamin C, minerals and anti-oxidants which all work great at protecting and nourishing the skin, inside and out. It's one of those amazing foods like coconuts where they just do so much for the skin and body. 
If you haven't tried lemon water before, I would highly recommend trying its you may notice a big difference in your skin. I'm going to start doing it again because my dark circles are so bad at the moment, I have to use two concealers to hide them!

Do you have a trick for getting rid of dark circles? Let me know if you try this and see a change!

Thank you for reading!