Those who have been following me for a while will know I love using either brushes or my fingers to apply makeup. I've been collecting brushes since I was 12 so I definitely know the difference between good and bad. There are some days however when I can't be bothered to use anymore because I've already built a 'to be washed' mountain. 
For me the RT Miracle Complexion Sponge eliminates all the little problems that come with using brushes. Firstly, I love how quick it makes blending in base products. It's the only thing I've been using recently for my primer,foundation, concealer and even blush. Everything blends so well into the skin it's virtually untraceable. I also love how it magically blends any darker foundation into my skin as if it's already the right shade! Genius I tell you! 
I like to use the sponge damp because it helps the products glide over the skin and it's so forgiving on dry patches, texture and imperfections. If you use it with a tinted moisturiser or light coverage foundation, your skin will look like silk. I swear it makes any foundation look beautiful and natural. The sponge is so soft, it's a dream to use. 
Another thing I love about it is how easy it is to clean. I don't know about you but washing brushes has to be my number one hatred in beauty. I love having clean brushes, but the task itself bores me to death. Once I've used the sponge, I dampen it and use some Johnson's Baby Bath to thoroughly wash out all of the product. Then I just rinse out the soap, squeeze out the excess water and leave it to dry. It literally takes 2 minutes. 

Have you tried using the RT sponge with your foundation? Do you prefer brushes? Let me know!

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