I'm really enjoying doing these tag posts. Sometimes it's nice to sit down and just write without having to give the facts and be so precise. This time I was tagged by the beautiful Ash from MS_TANTRUM to write my version of 'The Beauty Lover Tag'. I loved her post, and if you'd like to read it too, click here

If you could have anyone in the world do your Makeup, who would it be?
Lisa Eldridge. If ever the opportunity came along for Lisa to do my makeup, it would be the highlight in my beauty life! The way she can transform a face but make it still look like you is just incredible. I'm currently reading her book Face Paint: The Story Of Makeup and I absolutely love it. If she did my makeup I know she would make me feel a mill... ten million dollars!

What's your top Makeup tip?
I agree with Ash here, to have good makeup you need to have good skin. Now I'm not saying your makeup will be horrible if you have blemishes or imperfections, but a good skincare routine will make your skin look and feel better... resulting in flawless makeup! Clean, smooth, moisturised skin beats any product! 
I also think blending is key to good makeup. Wether it's foundation, brows, eyeshadow, it doesn't matter, if there are harsh edges or obvious patches it just ruins the overall effect.

What one skincare item could you not live without?
Cleanser is absolutely the most important skincare product to me. If I can't thoroughly clean my skin every morning and night, then what's the point in wearing makeup? My skin is currently at it's best because of my dedication to cleansing. My current top three cleansers of choice are the Sarah Chapman Skinesis Ultimate Cleanse, Merumaya Melting Cleansing Balm and Emma Hardie Moringa Cleansing Balm

What are you worst at when it comes to applying Makeup?
My obsession with blending means sometimes my contour eventually disappears into my foundation, or eyeshadow gets blended to nothing! I just can't stand harsh makeup. 
Do you do this too?

What's your biggest pet peeve about Makeup?
As a self proclaimed eyebrow princess, my biggest pet peeve is the sharpie brow. Even though the trend is slowly dying there's still a lot of people who make their brows super dark, thick and very un- natural. If that's the look you're going for then please carry on, but personally I think, if you don't have naturally thick, dark brows then go with what you do have! Black, squared brows do not suit any face shape or skin tone!

What's your favourite Makeup era?
The 60s was my favourite time for makeup. The heavy eyes, flawless skin and nude lips speak to me like no other trend. Priscilla Presley is the main reason for my choice, her 60s makeup and style was just captivating. Something about her really reminds me of myself (not looks wise), especially in the pictures of her and Elvis on their wedding day... Anyway, that's a bit off topic. Haha!

What's your Guilty Pleasure product?
My Jo Malone fragrances are some of my most expensive purchases but they are worth every single penny. Nothing compares  to the formula, lasting power, and scents. English Pear and Freesia is my current fave! I'm eyeing up the new limited edition Nashi Blossom Cologne...

What's your underdog product?
Personally I think the Real Techniques Expert Face Brush is still massively under rated! I use it for almost everything, primer, foundation, highlight/contour, blush even powder. It always leaves my base looking flawless. Literally all you need in a face brush. 

What's your favourite Makeup product of 2015?
The Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz was my ultimate find in 2015. It has changed my brow routine forever. I haven't used a powder to fill in my brows since! 

I really hope you enjoyed this post, and I tag YOU! I would love to read about your tips, tricks and must haves so don't forget to tell me if you do the tag!