It's very obvious from my blog and Instagram posts that I am a Pixi skincare junkie. Their Skintreats range is the best line of skincare I've tried, because of the variety and quality. Whilst strolling the beauty aisles in Marks and Spencer, I noticed a few items from Pixi that I hadn't tried, so in the basket they went. Today we're talking about the totally, amazing Beauty Sleep Cream. Hope you enjoy. 

The cream comes in the traditional Pixi packaging, a slim tube with a pump. Good for travel.
Price - £24 for 35ml
Texture - Rich cream
Finish - Plump, moisturised, nourished skin

What they say
This fast-absorbing, nutrient-rich nighttime essential helps to protect, nourish, and hydrate skin while you sleep.

Key ingredients
Chamomile - Calming
Shea Butter - Nourishes and hydrates
Lavender Oil - Soothes and calms
Glacier Water - Mineral rich and hydrating
Sugar Maple - Gently exfoliates
Mango Butter - Packed with Vitamins and protects skin

What is it
 This is a gorgeous night cream that nourishes and calms the skin whilst plumping and adding a healthy glow. It's rich texture softens and smoothes over the face. It has a beautiful lavender scent which some of you may like, some may not ( I can't get enough). Suitable for all skin types. 

How I use it
After my hydrating toner or serum, I take a 5-20p size blob and massage it over my face and neck. This is a PM product. The cream acts as a moisturiser, treatment and overnight mask. ( think Origins Drink Up Overnight Mask) The lavender scent is very relaxing and soothing. 
 In the morning my skin is radiant, plump and healthy looking. This cream is literally sleep in a tube. If you've been neglecting your skincare routine or not getting your 8 hours, this cream will make you look well rested and alive. I love the texture, it's creamy and rich but not greasy or clogging. 

- Great for travel
- Packed with amazing ingredients
- Instant results
- Soothing scent
- Nourishes, hydrates and moisturises
- Layers beautiful with serums
- Absorbs quickly
- Luxurious texture

- Pricey for amount of product
- Some people may not like the lavender

I have found my latest beauty must have. This cream is a personal God send. The first night I tried it, I was hooked! Every morning after has been a best skin day. Of course it may not have the same effect with you, but for me it's the best product I've discovered since Emma Hardie's Moringa Balm. It is worth every single penny and I cannot praise it enough. Please trust me when I say you need this product. 
( and no, this post was not sponsored by Pixi) 
Thanks so much for reading!