I'll be honest with you, I'm becoming a slight Jo Malone addict. Now that a shop has opened near me, it's becoming harder and harder to resist the charm and luxury within. I love their unique combinations and classic but simple style. The packaging is sleek, modern and a lot more sophisticated than some other perfumes on the counters. Sometimes less really is more.
This month, Jo Malone has introduced their new and brilliant Spring collection 'The Herb Garden'. The range includes five fragrances, each with their own intriguing and totally gorgeous scent. I admit it might sound a bit granny-ish at first, however this line has been cleverly created to embrace all of the earthy elements from the garden whilst being modern and suitable for all ages to wear and enjoy. 

The packaging is stunning! The bottle is green instead of clear and it has a matching green cap. On the back side there is gorgeous detailing of coriander leaves on the stem. 
Price - £44 for 30ml
Scent - Lavender & Coriander

What they say
Step into The Herb Garden. A garden state of mind takes over the senses when a refreshing blend of English and French lavender opens the aromatic gates with a jumpstart of striking coriander. Earthy sage deepens the scent with a natural woodiness. Finally, the unexpected warmth of tonka bean adds depth and sensual balance to the exquisite richness.

Top notes
- English and French Lavender
- Coriander
- Sage
- Tonka Bean

What is it
This is a beautiful cologne with a heavy base of coriander and relaxing blend of lavender. It has a warm almost unisex vibe. (which I don't mind at all) A very modern yet mature twist on some of the best herbs. It works for day and night time, or even just before bed to help ease and relax the mind. Suitable for everyone.

Such beautiful imprinting. 

I can't get enough of this fragrance. It's hypnotising! Recently I have found a new love for anything with Lavender, hence the medium Yankee Candle jar and box of tea lights in the cupboard... It really is relaxing and this cologne helps me stay calm and happy al throughout the day. I definitely recommend checking out the collection while it's available. I might head back myself and have another spritz of the Sorrel and Lemon Thyme... yes, just a spritz. 
Thanks so much for reading!