This cleanser has been on my to buy list for years now. After hearing great reviews and Caroline Hirons giving it the seal of approval, it had to be mine. I finally picked it up in John Lewis last week, and at last, I can see what everyone has been raving about! I hope you enjoy my review of the Merumaya Melting Cleansing Balm.

The cleanser comes in a nice slim bottle with a flip cap. Not bad for travel (if the only cleanser).
Price - £15.50 for 100ml
Texture - Soft oily, gel/balm
Finish - Fresh, clean, gorgeous soft skin

What they say
A cleansing balm from MERUMAYA that spreads effortlessly over your skin, melting on contact so that your fingers glide easily, picking up make up and the day's grime. When you add water to the massage, it turns to a light milk, making it easy to remove with Daily Cleansing Cloths ™ or a splash of water.

Key ingredients
Sweet Almond Oil - Rich in Vitamin E and essential fatty acids
Echium Oil - Contains Omega 3/6/9 which are high in antioxidants

What is it
This is the best affordable cleansing balm I've tried so far. It has a beautiful soft texture that melts instantly into an oil. It spreads evenly and glides around the face with just enough slip. It has a light herbal scent, which is so soothing whilst you're cleansing. Suitable for all skin types.

(please excuse my very dry hands)

How I use it
I take a 5-10p blob and massage it across my face, eyes and neck. A little goes a very long way. You can use this as a skin cleanser or makeup remover, I prefer it as my skin cleanser. It is suitable for AM and PM, I love it at both times. Once I've worked it around I remove it with a nice hot flannel. Even though it says you can add water and emulsify, I don't find it works well that way. It semi emulsifies and just gets a bit tacky.
 It removes all dirt and grime from the day and works great for a quick facial massage. My skin feels and looks amazing after using this balm, like really amazing!

- Affordable
- Gorgeous scent
-Amazing texture
- Good amount of product
- Nice slim packaging
- Works after first use
- Nice simple ingredient list

- None!

I am very impressed. This cleansing balm is perfect for everyone. It gives you super soft, hydrated glowing skin in minutes. I've been using it more than any other cleanser, and I've only had it for a week! Please try it guys, you won't regret it. Thank you for reading!