I've been enjoying this cleanser so much, that I almost said it was better than Emma Hardie, a big statement to make or even think. Whilst nothing can replace EH, this is just under it. Sorry for the delay of this post, I took the pictures and forgot to write the review. I've been terrible at blogging recently, I am making sure to keep up! I hope you enjoy.

The balm comes in a nice hand sized thick glass pot. It's not bad for travel. 
Price - £39.95 for 75ml
Texture - Hard butter that melts into soft balm
Finish - Cleansed, glowing, clear, gorgeous skin

What they say
Rich in anti-oxidants to soothe and condition leaving the skin glowing and fresh. Dissolves and melts dirt, grime and makeup including eye makeup.

Key ingredients
Sunflower Oil - Rich in vitamin A & E which heal, protect and treat 
Beeswax - Softens the skin
Shea butter - Improves micro-circulation and treats dry skin conditions
Jojoba - Reduces UV skin damage

What is it
This is a beautiful balm that deeply cleanses, nourishes and softens.  It cleans and removes all grime from the skin whilst giving an amazing glow. It's hard texture melts easily. It has a gorgeous herbal scent, very spa like and uplifting. Suitable for all skin types. Especially dry, dull and mature skins.



How I use it
I take a 5-10p blob and massage it across my face, eyes and neck. You can use this AM/PM. I tend to use it in the evening for a pamper and more luxurious cleanse. It also works great as a quick, almost mini facial in the morning too. The balm to oil texture lets it thoroughly cleanse and get rid of all grime and sweat. I do not use this as a makeup remover, its far too expensive and luxurious. The scent is so calming and soothing. This doesn't emulsify if you add water, it's too thick. I don't mind that but if you prefer to emulsify to a milk, it won't happen. Massage it through and remove with a hot flannel. 

- Rich in vitamins and anti-oxidants
- Luxurious
- Gorgeous scent
- Good balm texture
- Adds glow and radiance
- Skin looks clear
- Full of amazing ingredients
- A little goes a long way

- Expensive for size
- Doesn't emulsify

I love this cleanser! It's a great one to have in your collection for when your skin needs more than a gel or milk. If you're not used to thick balms I'd try the Emma Hardie first. I will always re-purchase this. It gives such a gorgeous effect to the skin, you can't not try it. I use it a few times a week at least because of the price and size, but it's still well worth every penny. Thank you for reading!