Hello everyone! I hope you all had an amazing Christmas and got to share it with your nearest and dearest. Today I'm doing a quick review on one of my favourite affordable cleansers. I realised the other day, I've been using it at least 4-5 times a week, and it's still full! It's so underrated its ridiculous! I hope you enjoy.

The oil comes in a chunky plastic hand-sized bottle, with a flip cap. It's not good for travel. 
Price - £10.99 for 200ml
Texture - Thin oil
Finish - Fresh, clear, glowing, soft skin

What they say
The ultimate cleansing experience for fresher, more revived skin starts with this unique lightweight cleansing oil.

Key ingredients
Vitamin C - Rich in antioxidants, helps boost collagen production, fades discolouration and marks
Rosehip Oil - Essential fatty acids repair skin damage, moisturises and adds glow
Olive Oil - High in Vitamin E, which hydrates, softens and soothes the skin

What is it
This is a gorgeous cleansing oil that deeply cleans to reveal fresh, radiant, glowing skin. It's a thin oil that easily applies and massages on the face. The citrus scent is so invigorating and a pleasure to work with. The oils in it leave the skin incredibly soft. Suitable for all skin types.

(oily stage)

(milky stage)

How I use it
I massage 4/5 drops onto my face and neck thoroughly. You can use this AM/PM. I tend to use it as my morning cleanse because it works perfectly at waking me up and cutting through that morning sweat. Once you've worked it into the skin, you can add water to emulsify and splash the milk off. I of course take it off with a hot flannel while it's still oily. This will remove makeup well, but I only use it as a 'skin' cleanser. My skin looks and perfect after every use. It's definitely a cheaper alternative for EH Moringa Balm (in terms of results).

- Affordable and great amount of product
- Gorgeous zingy scent
- Thin texture
- Great slip for massage
- Skin cleanser or makeup remover
- Great for all skin types 
- Perfect skin after every use

- Absolutely none

I cannot rave about this enough! It's just perfection in a bottle! It's the ideal cleanser for anyone. It's easily available, packed with amazing ingredients and does exactly what you want. It's also great for teens who want to break out of the 'foaming' curse and try something more nourishing. Thanks so much for reading!