We all know winter can dry out our skin, lips and even hair. I try to stay hydrated as much as I can, but recently my lips were so dry and chapped. Gross. I bought this product a few weeks ago and it has transformed my lips! Even my fiancĂ© loves it, he tried it one night and the next morning said and I quote ( It's amazing, 10 out of 10). That's got to mean something! I don't think it's had enough hype and praise, so here's my review! Enjoy. 

The oil comes in a pretty, hand sized plastic bottle with a mirrored lid. Super cute and perfect for travel.
Price - £18 for 7ml
Texture - Thick gel/oil
Finish - Extremely soft, moisturised lips

What they say
The ultimate lip care treatment! Containing 3 key plant extracts, this non-sticky oil with a melting, lip-plumping formula will leave lips feeling nourished and comfortable

Key ingredients
Hazelnut Oil - Rich in essential fatty acids and very nourishing
Organic Jojoba Oil - Nourishes, adds sheen and soothes
Mirabelle Oil - Helps prevent dehydration

What is it
This is essentially a beautiful rich, thick lip balm. The oil/gel texture gives instant comfort and nourishment to dry lips. The fat sponge applicator is easy to apply with and really cushions the lips. This one has a very soft sweet - vanilla/honey scent. Suitable for all skin types and ages. 

How I use it
Once my full skincare routine is done, I apply a decent amount all over my lips. As if you're applying lipgloss. You can use this anytime throughout the day your lips need moisture. It adds a gorgeous sheen, so it's great if you're doing a very simple makeup look too. The consistency is thick but after about 15/20 minutes it absorbs fully. I don't mind the oily texture as it's so soothing. It's perfect for those who love sweet, light scents. 

- Results after one use
- Immediate comfort 
- Gorgeous texture and finish
- Addictive soft scent
- Great applicator 
- Perfect travel size

- A bit pricey, but then - it is Clarins. It is worth every penny though!

What a fab, under rated product! Please do your lips a favour and try this. If you suffer from dry, chapped, split lips, this is a God send! Or even if your lips are already kissably soft, this makes a great pre makeup treatment, especially if you're applying a matte product or liquid lipstick! I cannot praise this product enough! I'm definitely going to have to re-purchase this, especially since my fiancĂ© keeps secretly using it! Haha! Thanks so much for reading guys!