I've tried a couple of things from Sanctuary Spa, and they were a success, so I thought I'd try this since it was on offer. I haven't tried a face mask like this, and I use face masks quite a lot, so it's fun to see a difference. I think a lot of people will enjoy using this, so here is my review. 

The mask comes in a long, slim plastic tube. Simple packaging, ok for travel if you have space for a mask. 
Price - £10.50 for 100ml, I bought it on offer for around £6
Texture - Thick, soft mask
Finish - Clean, re-balanced, soft skin

What they say
The warmth of this Sanctuary Thermal Detox self-heating mask helps to open up the pores so the charcoal and kaolin clay can help draw out the impurities from deep within the skin.

Key ingredients
Kaolin Clay - Contains silica which removes dead skin cells
Beeswax - Anti-septic and anti-inflammatory 
Sweet Almond Oil - Nourishing and moisturising

What is it
This mask is a perfect for clearing any congestion or breakouts in the skin. It deep cleans pores, making them hardly visible. A little goes a long way, as the mask is quite thick, but still spreadable   It has a soft typical clay scent, and is suitable for all skin types.

How I use it
I apply a semi thick layer across my face, avoiding the eyes and brows. I leave it on for 10 - 15 minutes. As you spread the mask you can feel it warming up on your face, and the more you rub it around, the hotter it gets. It shouldn't cause any type of discomfort, however some people may just not like the hot feeling.  

- Affordable
- Deep cleans
- Clears breakouts and congestion
- Calms and soothes
- Moisturises as it purifies

- Hot feel in may not suit everyone

I absolutely love this face mask. It's a basic clay mask but it works wonders. I really enjoy the self heating technology and think it definitely adds an oomph. It doesn't strip the skin and after each use the skin is clear, soft and balanced. This is perfect for anyone who wants a mask they can use weekly to keep their skin extra clear and healthy. Thank you for reading!