I found this beautiful cleansing oil on sale in T.K.MAXX. I love cleansing oils/balms and I knew it had to be mine, especially for £3.99. Points for that rhyme (not intended by the way). I know a lot of you skincare addicts like me, will enjoy this product. I hope this review is helpful.

The oil comes in a slim plastic bottle, with a flip cap. I probably wouldn't travel with it, out of fear of it leaking, but you could decant it. 
Price - £5.99 for 150ml, I bought it for £3.99
Texture - Soft, runny, oil
Finish - Clean, radiant, moisturised skin

What they say
Keeping skin hydrated is key for a younger looking complexion and using this moisturising cleansing oil is a step in the right direction. 

Key ingredients
Sweet Almond Oil - Deeply nourishing
Macadamia Oil - Packed with essential fatty acids
Argan Oil - Full of vitamins

What is it
This is a beautiful affordable cleansing oil that effectively cleans whilst hydrating. It balances the skin, leaving it super soft and moisturised. Smells of argan oil which I love, and is suitable for all skin types.

couldn't get a clear picture of the oil on my hand because it's pretty much clear, sorry.

How I use it
I take 3-4 drops for my face and neck, and massage it onto bare, dry skin. It probably would remove makeup well. Can be used AM or PM. It feels amazing while you massage it onto the skin and the smell is so spa like and relaxing. Take it off with a hot, damp flannel and hey presto, you've got radiant, clean skin. 

- Cleans effectively
- Doesn't strip
- Hydrates and moisturises
- Affordable
Packed with amazing oils and vitamins
- Smells amazing

- None

A great new addition to my cleanser stash. It's a great everyday cleansing oil with a bit more oomph. Anyone can use it and it gives the skin such a healthy feel and appearance. I highly recommend you try it if you love cleansing oils. Thank you for reading.