Take my advice, buy this product. It's one of the best products I've purchased since I started blogging and I love it! Dr Organic is a great brand that has really potent active skincare that isn't expensive, and works straight away. I've been waiting to post this for about two weeks and now I've tested it long enough so I can share my thoughts and review. Sold in Holland and Barrett.

It comes in a pretty box like all of the Dr Organic Skincare. The product itself is in a clouded glass bottle, where you can see the serum inside. It's not heavy but not light weight either. Good for travel.
Price - £12.99 for 30ml
Texture - Soft, creamy serum
Finish - Smooth, glowing, boosted skin

What they say
This light, fast absorbing, hydrating radiance elixir instantly penetrates and infuses the skin with organic extracts and tropical oils to bioactively re-energise and rejuvenate. 

Key ingredients
Coconut Oil - Intensely hydrates and retains moisture in the skin
 Aloe Vera Leaf Juice - Protects against UV damage, and is anti-inflammatory
Lemon Peel Oil - Increases lustre to dull skin
Vitamin C - Helps boost collagen production

What is it
This is an amazing serum that does everything a serum should do. It adds hydration, moisture, radiance and softness. It's packed with active ingredients that target different skin concerns and makes your skin look 100x better. The second best thing is that it smells of coconut! Suitable for all skin types.

How I use it
I take between a 5p and 20p amount for my whole face and neck. You can apply it AM or PM, it's a very creamy serum, so it feels a lot richer on the skin, instead or a gel/watery texture. When rubbed in, it does absorb quickly, so it does't feel heavy or greasy. It gives a beautiful smooth base under makeup, and an amazing glow in the evening. Every time I use it my skin looks so much better and healthier. 

- Smells incredible 
- Rich and nourishing
- Hydrating and softening
- Affordable 
- Suitable for all skin types

- None

I have been using this almost every night since I bought it and my skin has changed so much. It's so nourishing and amazing, I will definitely get some of the other coconut products! I highly recommend this serum to everyone. Thank you for reading.