I want to share with you my essentials for healthy, glowing skin. These tips are suitable for everyone, however you do not have to follow all of these steps like me. Do whatever suits your skin, these are just helpful things I swear by for my skin. In no particular order.

1. Drink Water
It's an obvious one, but it really work wonders for the skin and body. I personally couldn't drink plain water for years, it had to be flavoured, but flavoured water contains quite a bit of sugar. Now I'm hooked on plain water! and I've realised the more I drink it, the more I need it, which shows me how dehydrated you can be without knowing it. It helps hydrate your skin and also flushes away toxins. 

2. Cleansing
The most important step in skincare to me is cleansing. Properly cleansing AM and PM is the most effective step. There's no point cleansing with a micellar water and then applying a £100 serum. Just no. Personally I think micellar waters and wipes are not cleansers, they are meant for removing eye makeup, or fixing makeup mistakes. If you're wearing makeup, you must double cleanse, no buts. Cleanse once with a balm or oil (The Body Shop Camomile Butter/Oil) to remove the makeup, then cleanse again with a good balm/oil/milk.

3. Skincare
I'm obviously obsessed with skincare, but that's just my thing. I take great pride in looking after my skin and also it just relaxes me when I pamper myself. If you don't want a fussy 8 step routine that's fine, but I personally feel everyone will benefit from a simple routine of
Cleansing, Acid Toning and Moisturising.  
To see some of the products I use, look at my morning/night time routines

Thank you for reading,